Fatlip, What´s up Fatlip?

"(...)Over the years seems like I'm gettin' dumber

Reminiscing to a time when I was younger with a hunger

Full of dreams, determination, self-esteem

But now it seems they hesitate to be on my team

You know the routine, when you winnin' and grinnin'

All up in your face, like they was with you from the beginnin'

But on the flipside,

When you washed up like a riptide

Fools clown 'bout how you slipped and let shit slide

Beside the fact

My voice is wack

Clowns is runnin' around, talkin' 'bout I smoke crack

Ain't got no homies that got my back(...)"

Vai! Tómalle algo Fatlip, invito eu... que é Venres.

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